Monday, December 10, 2007

Alpha Rats Nest

I'm so sick that I feel like Kafka. Maybe relatedly, the Mountain Goats song that I'm the most into right now is "Alpha Rats Nest." I think it's the manic quality. Like the way I would giggle to myself when I hear We do our best vampire routines if it didn't hurt my throat too much to giggle. But the effort of not giggling makes me start coughing and the song rattles on, heedless, heedless, jittered up like kids with glowsticks on E. It sounds exactly like I feel, especially when the little hitch comes before it starts over again, trapped on Repeat>1.

If I see sunlight hit you
I am sure that we'll both decompose


sing, sing, sing

sing for the damage we've done

and the worse things that we'll do